Wreck Aerial Mashup

The linked list furnished to you below shows the locations of some of the wrecks mentioned in Signum Ops publications.  This page is a spinoff of  Paul Neave's "Flash Earth" mashup.  Paul Neave's web is found at: www.neave.com.

By clicking on one of the links in the list, you will be taken to an instance of Flash Earth with a focus upon the location of the wreck/site featured in the link.  When the aerial view window opens, simply click on the middle of it and the proprietary instruction block will disappear.

Some of the wrecks cited in "The Rainbow Chasers..."


Some of the wrecks cited in "Historic Shipwrecks..."


Some of the wrecks cited in "Atocha Treasure Adventures..."


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 This page was last updated on 1/7/2012